3 ways the tec mat can improve your crafting

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3 ways the tec mat can improve your crafting

It may look humble, but this silicone rubber release mat should be a key part of your crafting kit.

Here are 3 ways that the tec mat (now available in A3 size too) can improve your crafting.


The tec mat is made of silicone and designed to protect your work surface while you craft. Simply place it under your glue gun to catch any drips of molten hot melt glue while you’re working, keeping your work surface looking as good as new.


Because the tec mat is made of non-stick silicone, it’s also the perfect non-stick base to glue straight on to. Once set, your glue shapes and designs will simply peel off. The translucence of the tec mat means you can also place your stencil underneath to help guide you as you dispense your adhesive. From jewellery and badges, to models and hanging decorations, why not see what you could create?


For those looking to go one step further, you can even create stencils and templates using tec mats. It’s so quick and easy – simply trace the outline of your template onto a tec mat and cut it out with a modelling or craft knife (this works especially well with lettering). Lay this on top of a second tec mat and your template is ready! Dispense hot melt craft glue inside the template with your craft gun and wait for it to set.

Get your tec mat from Hobbytec now, or choose the larger A3 tec mat for even more crafting possibilities!

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