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Here at Hobbytec 
we care about crafting

Quality hot melt crafting products
Taking pride in craft

Quality hot melt
crafting products

Here at Hobbytec, we care about crafting. So much so, that not only do we stock a range of quality hot melt crafting products, we aim to inspire you to make your own hot melt creations, too.
Craft glue project
Add some colour to your craft

Craft from scratch

Our coloured glue sticks and glitter glue are so good in fact, that they can be used solely with our craft glue guns to make a stunning range of art, decorations and crafts from scratch, as well as covering traditional bonding and sealing.
Craft glue guns
Easy to use

Built to last

Unlike cheaper alternatives, our craft glue guns are easy to use, and they deliver professional results across a range of applications. They are built to last, can stand continued use, and there’s more good news: they are also covered by a 1-year warranty.
Glue Saver
40+ years’ experience

We know our stuff

And you can trust us to know about quality: as a registered trademark of Power Adhesives Ltd., HobbyTec has over 40 years’ experience offering specialist knowledge on all aspects of commercial gluing applications. Which means that we know our stuff.

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Are you interested in ordering a quantity of glue sticks or glue guns? Or are you a seller interested in partnering with us? We want to hear from you! Contact our sales team now and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to
Common Questions

What is the difference between 7mm and 12mm?
The main difference is the amount of glue output. Our 7mm craft gun is smaller in design and perfect for crafters at all levels. But if you need a gun that delivers more glue, our 12mm craft guns are just the thing. Ideal for larger projects or frequent crafting, they also feature an adjustable trigger for exceptional comfort.
When should I use low melt?
Low melt glue is best for heat sensitive materials such as balloons, polystyrene, foams, films and softer plastics. The lower heat also means that the glue runs thicker, which is perfect for forming raised dots for decoration.
How do I change the nozzle on my 12mm glue gun?
Follow the link below for our in-depth tutorial on how to change the nozzle on your glue gun. (Note – Always wear protective gloves when changing glue gun nozzles)
Can I remove a part melted glue stick from the back of my gun?
Never try and remove a part-melted glue stick from your gun. If the stick is taken out, molten glue can come out of the mechanism and cause serious damage to the gun. We recommend using a Glue Saver to purge the remaining glue in the gun and create up to 4 new 12mm sticks that can be used later.
Can I save the excess glue in my gun after I’ve finished using it?
With our Glue Saver, you can purge any leftover glue in your gun to create 4 new 12mm glue sticks that can be popped out once cooled.
Can I create new colours using 2 different coloured glue sticks?
Yes, you can! Check out our blog post on how to create new colours and patterns by mixing glue.
Do your glue guns come with a warranty?
Yes, all Hobbytec glue guns come with a 1-year warranty against faulty manufacture.
Can I order products in bulk?
If you wish to order in bulk, please contact us and someone from our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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