Create your own hot melt glue seals

You don’t need to use sealing wax to give your letters or parcels an authentic old-fashioned feel. Try using our coloured hot melt glue sticks instead!

Getting started

All you need is:

If you fancy making your own stamper, try gluing a patterned button or coin to a piece of scrap wood.  This will allow you to easily use the stamper and give you a great final embossed finish.

To start, pick some coloured glues - we’ve got a wide selection to choose from. Next, lay the envelope or item that you are stamping onto a flat surface. Taking your glue gun, create a small circle of glue for your seal. It doesn’t have to be even or symmetrical - you might feel that this adds to the finished result.

Once you’ve dispensed your glue, allow it to sit for about 5-10 seconds depending on the thickness of the glue. Gently push your stamper onto the glue dot, and you should see some of the glue ooze out around the base of your stamper (don’t push down too hard or you will force too much glue out). Hold the stamper in place for 5-10 seconds until you feel the glue hardening. Once you are sure that the glue has set underneath, carefully remove the stamper. You might need to hold onto the edge of the glue seal to pull the stamper away fully.

If you are unsure about putting the seal straight onto your envelope, or want to make some for decorative purposes, then why not create your glue seals directly onto our Tec Mat? This silicone protective mat allows you to produce the seals, and gently peel them off once they’ve cooled to use later. You can then simply glue them onto various surfaces using coloured or clear tecbond glue.

Voila! Your very own seals for envelopes and decoration using hot melt glue. A great way to add something extra to invitations or gift wrapping!

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