DIY ring holder

Here at Hobby Tec, we’re always looking for new ways to turn your unwanted household items into something special. Today we’ve taken an old book gathering dust on the shelf and made it into a funky new ring holder to beautifully display all our sparklers!

Getting started

All you need is:

Start by leaving your book open under a weight to flatten it slightly, preferably overnight if you can. Next, divide the pages evenly into 8-10 sections - this may vary depending on the size of your book, so it’s best to judge this for yourself. We found it handy to put a paperclip over each section to keep them clearly divided whilst gluing.

The first and last cluster of pages that you’ve sectioned off will lay flat on the book’s inside cover, so you may want to keep these out of the way by paperclipping them to the cover for the time being.

Taking the second section of pages, run a line of glue in between this and the third section of paper, near the spine of the book. Fold the second section of pages in over itself, towards the spine of the book and hold into place on the line of glue.

Once this has started to set you may need to run another line of glue along the fold to ensure that the edges of all the pages are covered and glued into place.

Repeat this for each remaining section of pages until your book looks like this.

Depending on the book that you’ve used, you may find that thinner rings slip down between the looped sets of pages. To prevent this, pull each section apart very gently and run a thin line of glue along the pages around 1 cm down.

Gently push the pages together by slipping your fingers into the hollow parts of the paper loops - this way you won't risk creasing the pages. This will give your ring holder a little more structure and help the jewellery stay in place.

All that is left to do is fill with all your gorgeous rings and you’ve got yourself a unique ring holder!

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