Crafty Christmas cards & gift tags

Why not take a more personal approach to Christmas this year and make your own cards and gift tags? You can use all kinds of things including buttons and old Christmas decorations to make your card designs.

And if you don’t have those? No sweat. As long as you have a glue gun and some coloured glue sticks, you’re good to go.

Getting started

You will need:


The snowman card design can be made in two ways – the first is to simply stack white or cream coloured buttons on top of each other, going from the smallest down to the largest. Stick these to the card with your glue gun and finish with some string or ribbon to create a scarf for your snowman.

If you don’t have any buttons, you can make your own from hot melt glue. Just dispense white glue onto your tec mat in large and small circles, and peel them off once dry (we’ve used the ADJ014 extension nozzle here too). Then just attach them to the card in the same way as the buttons. The snowman design with a two-part body looks great as a gift-tag, too.


Christmas tree

Again, you can achieve a really lovely Christmas tree design with buttons. Just take a selection of green buttons and arrange them in a tree shape, with a larger light or dark button at the bottom for the trunk or pot. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, simply stick them down with glue. They look great topped with a decoration – we’ve used a bow to finish ours off.


You can also create a Christmas tree with a silicone mould. Just dispense some glitter or green glue into the mould and pop it out when it’s dry. You can either leave it plain or decorate your tree with some coloured glue, then stick it to the card once it’s dry.

You can even use an old tree decoration if you have one – we’ve livened ours up with some glitter glue and then stuck it on to the front of the card.



You can make bows quickly and easily with silicone moulds - just fill them with glue, wait for it dry, and then push it out of the mould. These look great simply glued on to a gift tag.



No buttons for this one – just coloured glue. Using silver, silver glitter and white glue, create small discs on your tec mat (you can even mix your colours here to create a marbled effect). Peel these off once they’re dry and arrange into a star shape on your card, before sticking them down.


Make your own shapes

Create your own shapes by drawing with the glue freehand, like we have with this Santa hat.


Just dispense your glue straight onto the tec mat to make your design, and peel it off once dry before sticking it to your card. If you’re not confident with freehand designs, you could try making your own templates out of tec mats instead.


Happy Christmas from Hobbytec!

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