3D Halloween decorations

A higher output 12mm gun is perfect for filling silicone moulds, creating these fun 3D decorations.

You will need:


  1. Choose your coloured glue sticks depending on your mould (we’re making some pumpkins, a ghost, a skull and a bat, so have chosen orange, black and white, with a little gold thrown in). Whichever colour you’re going for, insert a glue stick into your glue gun and switch it on. Let your gun heat up to operating temperature.


  1. Next, place the tec mat on your work surface and then put your chosen mould on top of the mat.


  1. Fill the mould with glue so that you cover all the areas that contain any details, but you don’t need to fill the mould all the way to the top.


  1. Allow the glue to cool and then you can carefully pop out your character.


  1. Pick out any details using your marker so that facial features or embossed or depressed areas stand out.


  1. You can try using extra colours to give your designs a twist, or why not add a cord and turn them into hanging decorations?

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