Christmas snowflake decorations

Sadly, a white Christmas isn’t guaranteed. Make your own winter magic instead with these snowflake decorations, perfect for Christmas!


You will need:


Insert a clear glue stick into your glue gun, and switch it on. Wait a few minutes for it to reach operating temperature.


Cover your template with your tec mat, making sure it covers the whole image.


Once your gun has reached operating temperature, begin to trace the snowflake designs on to your tec mat.


Once you’ve completed your design, wait for the glue to harden (this should take around 5 minutes). Once it’s solid, peel your snowflake away from your tec mat.


To make a hanging decoration, turn your snowflake over and use your glue gun to secure a loop of thread or twine at the top.


You’ve now got a range of snowflake Christmas decorations to adorn your tree, windows and table settings.


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