Glue mixing for beginners

Mixing glue colours

Mixing glue colours is a great way to add something different to your craft projects.

Why not give it a try?

Our 12mm glue sticks cut easily with scissors, so you can feed small lengths of different coloured glue sticks into the gun to achieve new colours and effects.

It’s so simple, and it looks great! All you need is a tec 305 glue gun, a pair of pliers or scissors, and 2 glue sticks in different colours.

Just follow these steps:

1. Start by inserting your first glue stick into the gun, and snipping it off about halfway down the gun (just above the gun label). Then put the same length of your second coloured glue stick into the gun, directly behind the first.

2. Start dispensing your glue. It may take a few pulls of the trigger to get the 2nd glue stick into the heating chamber, but once it is in, you will see the 2 colours mixing.

3. You can move the gun in a swirling motion as you dispense the glue to create a marbled effect with the 2 colours. To create a new solid colour, use a single colour stick in between 2 sticks of a different colour (like white and red to create pink).

You can even make your own sticks with our Glue Saver! Just dispense your mix of glues into the Glue Saver to create up to 4 marbled 12mm sticks.

You can find everything you need at, all with free delivery to Mainland UK.

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