Hanging hot melt skeleton

Super easy and hugely effective, why not make a hanging skeleton decoration for Halloween with white 12mm glue?

You will need:


  1. Insert a glue stick into your glue gun and switch it on. Place a tec mat over your template, making sure the whole image is covered by the mat.


  1. Once your glue gun has reached operating temperature, carefully trace and fill in the design of the template onto the tec mat. You may need to feed additional glue sticks through the glue gun as you go.


  1. Allow some time for the glue to cool and then carefully peel the skeleton design off of your tec mat.


  1. Using your template as a guide, use your markers to pick out any details on the skeleton.


  1. Once the ink from your marker has dried, turn the skeleton over. Create a loop from some string or cord and glue this to the back of your skeleton, so that it can be hung up ready for Halloween!


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