How to change a glue gun nozzle safely

Switching the nozzle of your glue gun is a quick and easy way to adapt it for your application. Whether you’re working on a project that needs extra reach and delicacy, or your gun’s standard nozzle has become tatty and you want to replace it, we can help.

Here’s how to replace the nozzle of your tec 305 glue gun.

You will need -                       



First of all, put on your safety gloves to make sure your hands are protected. Place the glue gun on the tec mat, load a glue stick into it and switch it on.


Once the gun is hot (this usually takes a few minutes), remove the silicone shroud from the nozzle.


Using the spanner, unscrew the nozzle from the gun (it’s likely that a slow but steady stream of glue will come out of the gun – don’t worry, this is normal).


Remove the nozzle and give it a clean with the rag or cloth.


After it’s been cleaned, place the nozzle upright (with the point upwards) on the tec mat to cool down.


Take your replacement or optional nozzle, and screw into the nose of the gun by hand.


Tighten it up with the spanner (being careful not to over-tighten the new nozzle as this can damage the glue gun).


Give the new nozzle a quick clean to remove any glue residue, then replace the silicone shroud.


Your tec 305 glue gun is ready to use with its new nozzle!

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