Letter keyrings

Make something personal with these letter keyrings! Perfect for putting your initial on your house keys, or to give as a gift, this quick make is super easy.


You will need:



To begin, load a glue stick in your glue gun, and switch it on.



Put your silicone mould on top of your tec mat (the mould gets hot, so the tec mat will help to protect your work surface). Put your glue gun nozzle into the mould (these can be quite deep, and it’s easy for hot glue to get up the sides). Dispense the glue and ensure that it covers the mould as evenly as possible.


Wait for the glue to cool (we recommend waiting at least 10 minutes). Once the glue is set and the letter is hard to the touch, push it out of the mould.


Next, carefully make a hole through the corner or top of your letter.


Thread a link through, and then attach the keyring clasp with pliers.


Your keyring is now complete! There are lots of ways to make your hot glue keyrings – try mixing glue colours, or make your own templates using tec mats. Why not experiment and see what you could create?

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