12mm Hot Melt Glue Gun For Light Craft

12mm Hot Melt Glue Gun For Light Craft
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Product Details

  • Tackle your hobby and craft projects head-on with the brilliant tec 305. Compact and lightweight, it’s very easy to use, takes only 5 minutes to warm up, and has a very narrow profile so it won’t block your line of vision when gluing. It also comes fitted with a standard extension nozzle that allows the glue to be dispensed with greater accuracy, giving a more professional finish to your craft projects.
  • The low melt glue gun operates at 130ºC while the hot melt tool runs at 195ºC, so the bond strength is enhanced and closer joins are achieved. Giving your work a more polished look.
  • Features of the tec 305 include an illuminated on/off switch, removable stand, adjustable full hand trigger for exceptional comfort, and replaceable nozzle
  • It weighs just 250g and dispenses 750g of glue an hour
  • High quality self-regulating heaters control the temperature of the gun to keep the output consistent and the glue smooth