12mm Hot Melt Glue Gun For Heavy Craft Use

12mm Hot Melt Glue Gun For Heavy Craft Use
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Product Details

  • Need something more powerful? The tec 805-12 has twice the output of the tec 305 for larger craft projects where more glue is required. With a narrow profile for improved visibility, this medium-sized gun is fitted with a standard extension nozzle that allows the adhesive to be placed with high accuracy for a professional finish.
  • The tec 805 heats up from cold in just 3 minutes and has a full hand lever trigger that can be adjusted to suit your hand span. It can also be adjusted to deliver different amounts of glue from each pull of the trigger, making it ideal for a versatile range of crafts.
  • The low melt glue gun operates at 130ºC while the hot melt tool runs at 195ºC, so the bond strength is enhanced and closer joins are achieved. Giving your work a more polished look.
  • Features of the tec 805 include the eco-chamber design for low power consumption, illuminated on/off switch, and multi-functional detachable stand that doubles as a wrench for changing the gun’s nozzle, and also houses the trigger stop adjustment screw
  • It weighs just 450g and dispenses 1.8kg of glue per hour