Hot Glue Dipping Pot

Hot Glue Dipping Pot
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Product Details

  • The GP44 glue pot is the perfect tool for intricate floristry and craft applications where small items, such as dried flowers used to make arrangements, can be brought to the low melt adhesive reservoir for dipping.
  • It’s a great alternative when a glue gun is too bulky to use, or extremely precise positioning of the adhesive is required.
  • And the GP44 couldn’t be simpler to use: just insert a hobbytec glue stick, switch on and allow 10 minutes to warm up. To fill the pot with molten glue, simply push down slightly on the glue stick.
  • No waste and no cleaning necessary: any glue that remains in the reservoir once the GP44 has been switched off will solidify, and only return to its molten state ready for use next time it is switched on. Yay!