Easy Halloween pumpkin decorations

Use orange 7mm glue sticks, a tec mat and a steady hand to create these easy pumpkin decorations.

You will need:


  1. Insert an orange glue stick into your glue gun and switch it on. Place a tec mat over your template, making sure the whole image is covered by the mat.


  1. Once your glue gun has reached operating temperature, trace around the outside of the pumpkin design on your tec mat, using the orange glue.


  1. Once you’ve created an outline, fill it in by dispensing glue from the top of the design to the bottom. This will help give it a ridged appearance, like the outside of a pumpkin. You will need to feed additional glue sticks through the glue gun as you go.


  1. Allow the glue to cool and, when set, carefully peel off your glue pumpkin.



  1. Next, take your marker and draw a spooky face on your pumpkin (get as creative as you like!)


  1. Depending on your template, you can create different sized pumpkins in a range of designs. You can even add a cord to hang them up!

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