Upcycled bottle top magnets

Make use of any old bottle tops you have lying around and turn them into something fun and useful with this quick and easy tutorial.


To get started, you will need:


To begin, load a glue stick into your glue gun. Switch on your gun, and wait for it to reach operating temperature.

Then take your first bottle top and turn it over so it’s design-side down.

Depending on the thickness of the magnet you’re using, begin by dispensing enough glue into the upturned bottle-top to create a platform for the magnet to sit on.

Make sure it’s filled high enough that the magnet will easily be able to make contact with the fridge door (or any other magnetic surface). Ideally, when the magnet is in place, there will be a small space between the bottle top and the surface on which you place the magnet.

Once you’ve dispensed enough glue, leave it to cool for around 5 minutes.

Once the glue has set, place your magnet in the centre of the bottle top.

Using your glue gun, carefully glue around the edge of the magnet to hold it in place. Leave this for another 5 minutes to cool completely.

With the glue set, your magnets are ready to use! Simple and stylish, they're perfect for displaying pictures, lists and reminders.


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